Soi 2

Kotaro Yokomizo



    Soi 2 is the continuation of the work Kotaro Yokomizo has been making in Chiang Mai, Thailand for more than 2 years.
    In this book composed of 80 color pictures, he is getting closer to his subject, focusing more on people and on the traces that they leave in the city.
    Yokomizo uses his camera to capture the atmospheres, oddities, textures, contrasts and scenes of Chiang Mai. His pictures are the testimony of a time and place, of the city’s singularity.
    As he is leaving for another country, this book is a celebration of the city he lived in, not a final goodbye.


    14 x 20 cm
    120 pages
    ISBN: 978-2-493545-05-3
    Printed and hand bound in Chiang Mai by Dibdee Binder
    Publication date: July 5th 2023


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