Echo of Photons

Susann Carmen Jagodzińska


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    Within the 82 pictures and text creating this book, Susann Carmen Jagodzińska takes us on a journey trough her life, her childhood memories in Poland and Germany and invites us to question the notion of the «true self», she builds a story, bring us from the city to the sea,  passing by the forest, the text resonates with the images and adds matter to her story.

    « Echo of Photons is an intuitive and intimate work that documents the process in which I am getting awareness on the experience of the heart fragmentation and on nature leading it.  Photography is a way to ground myself, stabilizing the present moment and giving validation to my experience, it is a dialog with what is. The written form is for me a puzzle, the larger picture is formed out of the fragmented self, and gives space for memory to surface. »

                          Susann Carmen Jagodzińska

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